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At Dell Technologies Capital, we lead investments in disruptive, early-stage startups in enterprise and cloud infrastructure. World-class entrepreneurs have chosen to partner with us for our deep domain expertise and unique access to the Dell Technologies ecosystem.

You know it’s not just about growth. It’s about growing smarter. At Dell Technologies Capital, we partner with innovative, early- stage companies building the next big thing in deep technology. With focused business guidance, domain expertise and the resources you need, we can take your business to the next level, and beyond.

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Landscape perspective. Deep expertise. We focus our investments in areas where we have both—so we can help you get further. Our current areas of focus are:

With you every step of the way

We aim to be the most active and valuable member on your board—your first phone call whether you need guidance, are seeking perspective, or are celebrating a milestone. Our internal experts and network of industry-leading technologists, investors and company executives will always ensure you’re taking the path that’s right for your idea.


“Dell Technologies Capital offers a unique blend of expertise. Our partners bring best-in-class technological education and business savvy to the board room table, and will be as dedicated to the growth of your company as any founder.”

— Michael Dell

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