Our Portfolio

Since 2012, Dell Technologies Capital portfolio companies have created more than $64B in market value across enterprise and cloud infrastructure sectors. We invest across all stages with a strong focus on leading financing rounds in early stage startups.

Exited Portfolio

Current Portfolio

Cloud Data Protection/Management
Semiconductor company that develops accelerators for AI and machine learning
Cloud Access Security Broker
Connected experience across app, devices, and networks
Real-Time In-Memory Database
Next-generation AF Storage
Email Security Solution
No-Code Mobile App Integration
SaaS Billing/Metering
Malicious Bot Protection
Build, deliver, deploy and manage any applications on any cloud or server
Secure Access to SD Infrastructure Across Hybrid Cloud
Blockchain Development Framework
Solid-State Storage Semiconductor
Breach & Attack Simulation
Database virtualization software
Enterprise data science management platform
Robotics for warehouses micro fulfillment
Enterprise-class IaaS Cloud Service Provider
Network-as-a-Service for Applications/Devices
Industrial/Commercial Edge Intelligence
CX Platform
Offload Engine for Network-intensive Workloads
Micro-segmentation and workload protection solutions for data centers and public clouds
Log Management
AI-based cancer diagnostics in pathology
Deliver real-time AI applications across cloud, on-premises and edge
Data management platform
Edge platform for IIoT
Reactive microservices that harness real-time data/ML
Next-gen programmable and dis-aggregated storage architecture for the cloud
Open-Source Object Storage Server
Managed Open-Cloud Solution
IT Operations Using AI/ML
Next-gen memory utilizing carbon nanotubes
Cloud File Storage/Protection/Synchronization
Enterprise Analytics using AI/ML
Continuous, actionable insights from data
Traffic Management & DNS
Server Processor
AI-driven continuous delivery
Voice Communication Platform
Otonomo is a marketplace for connected car data
Predictive Analytics Platform
iFabric Interconnect for SOCs
Provider of cloud sandboxes for automating the DevOps lifecycle
Privileged Access Management
Backend Infrastructure Templates
Cyber-Risk Quantification / FAIR Standard
ML SOC for embedded application market
4D+ Vision Solutions
Security for DevOps
End-to-end streaming data integration and operational intelligence platform
Application Management for Hybrid/Multi-Cloud
Governmental agencies, law enforcement, and security agencies cyber-defense
IoT security and certification
Manufacturing On-Demand
Multi-cloud, High-performance Database

Exited Portfolio

Nasdaq: FROG
DevOps & CI/CD, Artifact Repository & Binary distribution
Nasdaq: ANET
Nasdaq: DOCU
Nasdaq: MDB
Nasdaq: NTNX
Nasdaq: ZS
Acquired by Microsoft
Acquired by TIBCO Software
Acquired by SAP
Acquired by Apple
Acquired by VMWare
Acquired by VMWare
Acquired by Cisco
Audio/Speech Enhancement Tools
Acquired by Intel
Acquired by Arista
Acquired by HPE
Acquired by IBM
Acquired by ServiceNow
Acquired by Cisco Systems
Acquired by Amazon
Acquired by EMC Corp
Acquired by Blackberry
Acquired by Juniper Networks
Acquired by Palo Alto Networks
Acquired by EMC Corp
Acquired by Illumina
Acquired by Google
Acquired by StorageCraft
Acquired by Illumina
Acquired by Huawei
Acquired by Sumo Logic
Acquired by Samsung
Acquired by VMWare
Network Threat Analysis (NTA)
Acquired by EMC Corp
Acquired by Ericsson
Acquired by DDN
Acquired by Equinix
Bare Metal Compute
Acquired by Cisco Systems
Acquired by Palo Alto Networks
Acquired by Mastercard
Acquired by LSI
Acquired by EMC Corp
Acquired by Palo Alto Networks
Acquired by Citrix Systems
Acquired by VMWare
Acquired by EMC Corp
Acquired by Palo Alto Networks

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