Ryan Wexler

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Ryan Wexler
Senior Associate
Founders will always know more about their technology and space than we as investors ever will. The best founders can make a compelling case for why and how they’re going to build something that lasts. Those are the conversations you learn from and are what keep venture interesting.”
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Ryan Wexler is an investor in the Palo Alto office where he primarily focuses on data infrastructure and developer tooling. He approaches investing by finding the world’s smartest, most passionate founders with deep domain expertise and wildly huge visions for the future. Ryan spends most of his time thinking about what’s next in the data continuum and learns the most from Hacker News and F500 tech blogs.

To Ryan, part of what sets DTC apart is the ability to focus almost exclusively on enterprise infrastructure. This gives the investors the time and space to dig deep into the tech and competitive landscape across enterprise subcategories.

Prior to joining DTC, Ryan worked in the data analytics group at Magnetar Capital long before the rise of the Modern Data Stack. Before being pulled into data engineering, he spent time at Citigroup on their M&A desk.

Ryan graduated with honors from Northwestern University with a B.S. degree in Economics and Political Science.

Fun Facts

Can quote verbatim: Juice WRLD (RIP)

Favorite food experience: Stopping at every lobster roll shack on the drive up the Northeast.

Outside of work, he enjoys: Long distance running offset by consuming too much ice cream.