Tyler Jewell

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Tyler Jewell
Managing Director
Being a startup founder, CEO, and VC are all on the continuum of bringing big ideas to life. As a founder and CEO, I was focused on bringing one big idea to life at scale. As a VC, we collaborate with founders to become force multipliers bringing many ideas to scale simultaneously. It's incredibly rewarding to see those collective efforts shape entire industries.”
Alumni Companies

Tyler is the author of the Developer-Led Landscape, observations and industry insights from a curated database of 1500 companies whose products are sold to, purchase-influenced by, or consumed by software developers.

As an angel investor and VC, Tyler has invested $150M over 15 years with exits including Sauce Labs, Source Graph, Cloudant, Security Compass, Codenvy, Zero Turnaround, and App Harbor.

What Tyler appreciates most about investing with DTC is working with investors that have deep domain expertise and who share his tenacious commitment to supporting the full DTC portfolio.

Before joining DTC, Tyler was a 3x CEO/COO in developer-related businesses including The Middleware Company (acq. by TechTarget), Codenvy (acq. by Red Hat), and WSO2 (profitable with 800 employees). Prior, he spent 15 years in product leadership positions with BEA, Quest Software, and Oracle.

Tyler holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana.

Fun Facts

Favorite pastime: No-limit, overnight poker.

Volunteerism: Command pilot for Angel Flights West.

First concert: Fat Boys in Savannah, Georgia.

Man on the move: Growing up, Tyler lived in 20 different U.S. states for at least two months and has since traveled to more than 50 countries.