What “Founder Friendly” Means to Us

DTC named to Inc.'s 2021 Founder Friendly Investors list
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We’re not big on awards or “best of” lists for ourselves here at DTC but being named to Inc.’s 2021 Founder-Friendly Investors list is one accolade we’re proud to have earned.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It requires a herculean amount of work and dedication. To see a vision through to reality, you’ve got to execute flawlessly in building your team, your tech and a viable business. It’s a tough and often lonely row.

As a part of Dell Technologies, we’re fortunate to be a part of one of the largest founder-led companies in the world. We think this connection helps us in being able to see life and business through a founder’s eyes. We’re here to offer perspectives and access to opportunities to the entrepreneurs who choose to work with us. Ours is not to define success for our portfolio companies but to partner, encourage, and ultimately respect their journey.

We’ll take this as an opportunity to thank the many founders that have partnered with us over the years. We are here because of you.

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