Celebrating SiMa.ai Delivering the First Purpose-built MLSoC Platform for the Embedded Edge

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Everything we believed when we led the Series A for SiMa.ai is coming to fruition. Potential has become reality. Taking first Si to volume production is an amazing feat that speaks to the entire company’s dedication to delivering for their customers. Accomplishing it in just 18 months is nothing short of astounding.

Easy for me to say that – I wasn’t the one doing all the work. Fortunately, the company has an amazing team, led by Krishna Rangasayee, Gopal Hegde, David Gamba, and others. This team is uniquely qualified with the technical, product, and market experience to make this happen.

Back in 2020, we had looked at tens of ML chip companies trying to solve this emerging problem of ML at the embedded edge. It wasn’t until we saw SiMa.ai and their MLSoC approach that the right path to address this market became obvious. Customers (at the embedded edge) need products that support their existing software and systems without redesign or rewriting of code; they want push button ease to adopt new technologies (ML); and they love the idea of >10x performance per watt advantage over what’s in the market today. That’s what this team has delivered.

What’s more impressive is this team is just as motivated to delight customers as they are to solve hard technical problems. Right from the start their software-first focus has been the key to exceeding customer expectations and delivering on the promise of push-button ML. That’s what you get when you have founders with decades of experience delivering great products and serving the same set of important customers that span large markets.

Why does this matter? I covered the market opportunity when we first invested in SiMa.ai but now the $50B+ market opportunity seems closer at hand and more urgent. Entire segments of our economy are poised for a generational technological leap forward – automotive, robotics, physical security, shipping & logistics, communications, etc. SiMa.ai’s technologies will play an enabling role in that once-in-a-generation evolution.

Today we celebrate SiMa.ai’s delivering on the potential for effortless ML at the edge. We’re that much closer to the future promised.


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