Managing Director

Tyler Jewell

The best part of being an investor is being inspired by the new techniques and innovations that entrepreneurs surprise us with every day.

Current Investments

Voice Communication Platform

Reactive microservices that harness real-time data/ML

Traffic Management & DNS


Tyler is a Managing Director with Dell Technologies Capital leading early stage and growth investments in cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and the Developer-Led Landscape (hyperlink this to the original blog). He represents DTC on the board at NS1 (Series D), Lightbend (Series D), Orion Labs (Series B), and Loops.AI (seed). Entrepreneurs enjoy collaborating with Tyler on their product market fit, go-to-market, unlocking strategic markets, building and scaling organizations, and leadership challenges.

Work History

As an angel investor and VC, Tyler has placed $150M over 15 years in DevOps companies including InfoQ, Sauce Labs (acq. by PE), Source Graph, Cloudant (acq. by IBM), Zero Turnaround (acq. by Roguewave), and App Harbor (acq. by Microsoft). Previously, he was a 3x operating CEO/COO in developer-related businesses, including The Middleware Company (acquired by TechTarget), Codenvy (acquired by Red Hat), and WSO2 (OSS company with 600 employees). Previously, Tyler spent 14 years in product positions at BEA (acquired by Oracle), Quest Software (acquired by Dell), and Oracle.



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